When it comes to music, this year we shake things up


We are significantly widening the music portfolio of the festival this year. On the top of the well accustomed music styles we will introduce psychedlic, electronic, pop, jazz and noise-jazz styles.

More than that, we've invited our musical performers to a special challenge. We've asked national and foreign performers to phrase what "spirituality" means for them and convey their message throuh the language of music. So this year we will be listening to songs that has never been played and never been listened to.

Among others, we will be welcoming Dresch Quartet, one of the most impressive jazz artists of the Hungarian music life. Their production will be an interesting fusion of the Hungarian folk music and improvised jazz. The band ColorStar will open a brand new direction among the music styles the festival has covered so far. The unusual mixture of psychedelic and pop-rock will guide the listeners to a brand new musical universe. Lőrinc Barabás will also be a new voice on the festival with his trumpet a looper and other electronic accessories. He will give a solo performance of the album Sastra that creates a magically floating experience for the audience. But of course we will be welcoming some old friend artists as well, like Earth Sounds & Blue Planet Retreat and Ganges Ragas.

Music workshops won't be missed this time either, we are planning a mind blowing jam session on the shore of Lake Balaton with real Everness atmosphere. If you have a musical instrument, don't leave it at home!