Dear Visitor,
Welcome to Evernessia!

The Everness Festival dedicated to mindfulness, personal developement and consciousness along the shore of the magnificent Lake Balaton, in Hungary.


Why are we working with volunteers?

You've probably heard about the win-win situation.
It means, that something ends well for everyone involved in. Voulenteering is good for the organisers, for the volunteers and for the people attending on the festival as well. We believe, that the job done with true enthusiasm, can't be replaced by paid labor.

To our guests, volunteers are the face of Everness, they are who meet everyone, and they ensure the fluent running of the festival. The half of them return year by year, it means we can work together with them more and more effective.
We warmly welcome any kind of helping hand or intention.

Since 2017 Association of Volunteer Opportunities is responsible for organising volunteers.