We think bigger this time


The 7th Everness Festival is just around the corner. This year we became determined to renew ourselves and widen the scope of programs to help you increase your self-awareness and reach the inner piece you are looking for.

This year we will offer very diverse options so you can surely pick your favorite from the amazing psychology and sciences themed presentations to psychedelic, electronic, pop jazz and „noise” jazz music performances.

Here is a short a preview of our presenters to boost your curiosity. We will be welcoming László Mérő, nationally renowned mathematician and professor of psychology to show you the uncovered side of psychology through the logic of mathematics. Judit Barkó, communications mentor and former television reporter will teach you how to handle anxiety when it comes to public speeches. Dr. Krisztina Heves, health psychologist and university professor will give “lectures” about the dynamics of relationships covering also the very hot topic of sexual psychology. We will be also welcoming Dr. László Buda, doctor, psychiatrist and psychotherapist, who will present us the modern “somato drama” methodology that teaches us connecting our body and mind. Attila Grandpierre, physicist, astronomer and university doctor will approach the complex topic of spirituality with a fresh pair of eyes, through a scientific approach.

Nina Adams, famous Argentine yoga teacher will invite you to an unusual yoga practice where you can experience an extraordinary mixture of ashtanga and rocket yoga. She will also talk about the effect of astrology on our everyday lives. As a representative of the unique Yoga Beats project we will be hosting Pablo Gascon on the festival, who will amaze us with his unique performance combining dance, yoga, music and mediation in a creative way.

Sounds interesting, eh? And this is not the end of the list so stay tuned for the still not announced artists.
They are coming soon.