Festival fever in May


The team at Everness Kikelet will be introduced! We're not kidding.

You are so interested in how we got here, why do we organize the Everness events, so we decided that we show you our own way of thinking about it.
How? For example, we will hold a significant part of this year's KIKELET programs.
Aye. Imagine a day full of dance and yoga lessons, arts and crafts, womb cleansing ceremony, inner child and intimacy workshops, as well as Prana nadi and Access bars treatments. In the evening, the Flying Spirit and Earth Jam will perform concerts, and later resident DJs: Flow and Narny will play some music. The Tantra Mantra - premium vegan food kitchen will serve amazingly delicious vegan dishes by Miki Kovács.
Come and join us at Római part, near the Danube, in the huge garden of DunaKavics Bowling Club Óbuda, where we are so close to the water that you can evensmell the scent of the river.
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