Reka Fodor

énekes - zenész, cajon

Singer, dancer, percussionist from Transylvania, balancing the traditional, ancient way of singing and modern experimentation with voice. She curiously investigates the relationship of space and sound, inspired by environmental, natural sounds, the human experience, connections, movements.

In her performance and teaching, her tools are radical improvisation and the exploration and surpassing of our boundaries, in order to inhabit and embody more of ourselves, eventually for our wellbeing and health.

About herself:
I am woman of sounds, I am giving with sounds, I feel free and full through sounds. Voices, when they come together into a melody, lead and flow like a stream. They walk with a gentle dance, the end of the path still invisible. The memory of the source, the essence of depth, lives in them. There is no arrival in music, only processes, the constant intertwining of moments, presence, timelessness.

I express my deepest reality with music, but at the same time I look for silence where my voice can return to, and from which it can be reborn. I want to caress and lead with music, voice the flow of life, give sound to our common source. Not to move in the direction of physical goals, but rather towards a natural way of life, a presence where we can meet in a different capacity, beyond material reality.

During my travels, I gave voice to who I am, in the language of music. I was welcome and accepted everywhere, because people did not see me as someone different, rather as someone speaking the same language, coming from the same origin. I had to face many difficulties over time, that have slowly forged into the Réka I am now.

Through music and singing I experience the pure presence, where I may hear myself and listen, witness the process of creation. It opens a magical space, a space of oneness with the music being played.
Out of conviction, I feel called to pass on all the experience I thus gained.
In my professional life, I experience it as a miracle when I have the chance to gain insight into the depths and heights of our soul, through sound.

To quote Kodály:
"They, who have talent are bound to develop it to the highest degree, so that they may be of the greatest service to their fellows. For every person is worth as much as they can benefit their peers, as much as they can serve their country. True art is one of the most powerful means to uplift mankind, and they, who make it available to as many people as possible are the benefactors of mankind!"