Freedom Café


Freedom Café is the result of many years celebrating plant medicine ceremonies together. Its main members are Manuel Villaescusa (voice, guitar), Norbert Pável (hang, flute), Márton Bakai (violin) and Christian Amín Vàrkony (percussion). In these years the group has gathered songs from different ayahuasca traditions: peruvian icaros, brazilian hymns, traditional shamanic songs and many more. Some songs keep the simple original arrangements of the ceremonies, voice, guitar and shaker. Others have been embellished by the exquisite healing sounds of the Hang, violin, cello and piano. This is celestial music to heal soul, body and mind. A spiritual awakening.


Sylvia Kircher [GER] - voice

Valeria Pribay [HU] - violoncello

Marton Bakai [HU] - violin

Norbert Pável [HU] - handpan, voice, flute

Amin Várkonyi [AT] - handpan, percussion, voice

Manuel Villaescusa [ES] - voice, guitar