David Lesage [FR]


French musician, singer and composer, David Lesage is a complete artist. 
His favourite instruments are the voice, the handpan, the Ngoni and the Calebasse.
A curious artist and self-taught musician, he is passionate about the impact of vibration on the living (cymatics).
A drummer since the age of 4, he won a drum prize - with honours - after a short period at the National Conservatory of Toulouse.
His intention is to produce Electro-Organic music mixing acoustic instruments, electronic music and human voice to touch souls and hearts at a cellular level. A quest for the primordial sound that brings all beings together.
His universe, as numerous as it is luminous, is sensitive, subtle, structured and contained by a sense of millimetric rhythm.
In contact with him, it is an immersive experience of the senses that you will vibrate with your whole being.