Nők Lapja Psziché Evernessia

main stage

Evernessia is our favorite venue. This is the place where Everness starts and finishes with people celebrating together on the spectacular Opening and Closing Ceremonies.
We will start the days here with short morning presentations. This way you will be given the chance to receive thoughts and useful guidelines in many interesting topics like relationships, recycling or inner motivation.
During the day we will go deeper in the topics. We will welcome on stage Vilmos Benkő, well-known motivational trainer who is frequently meeting ambassadors and politicians to give them advices in public speaking.
Dr. Krisztina Hevesi, renowned Hungarian psychologist and Ken Wilber, the creator of Integral Psychology will also join us on stage. You will be able to meet Paul Pahil, positive psychological expert, who believes that the Hungarian misfortune can come to an end by simply changing our attitude.
You can listen to or get inspiration from Dr. Will Tuttle, the American World Vegan wrestler who wrote several success books.
We will have a speech about the creation and expansion of the universe and a round table discussion on a philosophy and green planet.
On Saturday we will be broadcasting the World Peace Meditation from here, led by Maitréja. And this place will be a great venue also for concerts in the evenings with the participation of Óperentzia, Mihály Dresch and ColorStar.