interactive lecture stage

Listening to presentations is not enough for you? You would rather pose questions and have real discussions in topics you’re interested in? You can do this here.
You can ask Hédi Bacsa about how to create wealth, you can get information about your own opportunities and choices, you can even talk about being vegan. The topic of sports and vegan sports will be covered by Richard Hári and you can hear about the healthy vedic eating habits from Bakti Kutír. You can ask from well-known Hungarian actors about their own life journeys, for example, Karina Kecskés will share her story about living together with mentally damaged people. Internationally recognized doctors will openly speak about holistic healing. And of course, this is the place where you can freely ask anything that comes to your mind during the presentations.
At night the venue will turn into an intimate open air cinema, where you can watch several interesting movies with your Everness friends.