zenei formáció

The eclectic sound of Tribali emerges from an unconventional array of instruments and an unlikely fusion of musical genres. The sitar, didgeridoo, electric guitar, bass, percussion, morchunga, harmonica and hypnotic vocals blend effortlessly in a vibrant exhibition of Tribali’s open-genre, which is influenced by psychedelic, classic and ethnic sounds, dub, reggae and ska, rock and blues. 

Tribali’s unique style combines seamlessly with almost any musical genre, leading to performances alongside diverse world-class acts, such as Moby, The Prodigy, Faithless, Ziggy Marley, The Wailers, G3, John Butler, Wolf Mother, Crowded House and The Specials. International gigs include the Byron Bay Bluesfest, Glastonbury Festival, Psy-Fi Festival and Everness Festival. 

Tribali went on to launch four studio albums, “Tribali,” “Elephants of Lanka”, “The Traveller” and “Raba’” as well as a critically acclaimed compilation, “Festa.” As of 2021, the multi-talented Kyle Drakard has recently joined the line-up on guitar, sitar and percussions.