Soma Mamagésa

performer, founder of the Újegyensúly community

I am the founder of Új Egyensúly community, a lifestyle advisor, a singer and a performer, a spiritual teacher and a writer.
At Everness Festival I could experience all my professions since I participated year after year with my workshops, ceremonies, guided meditations, concerts. This year for the second time my Új Egyensúly Team is going to join me and present our own place and stage as an Everness provider.


Soma Mamagésa:

The title of the lecture: Balance is all about organizing and moving laws

Új Egyensúly Tent - 2019. 06. 19. Szerda 16:00-17:30

One of the most important basic laws of existence is the law of striving for balance. At all levels and everything, this universal basic law is organized. All extremes also carry the other pole, which can be reduced or diminished with consciousness, but of course there are processes that must ti live. How does this rule appear in our lives? And how can we help ourself to live from our center?

Soma Mamagésa:

Soma mamagesa’s ceremony workshop to help create balance

Új Egyensúly Tent - 2019. 06. 20. Csütörtök 16:00-17:30

Soma has created her own style, which is a workshop based on ceremony. Shows a way to lay the foundation for a ceremony. This current workshop helps to balance the theme of yesterday's presentation with a highly dynamic, multi-element work. After the four elements (fire-water-earth-air) the 5th element is the intention. Here, the intention is to address our souls to help us to find the balance. Through practice, we work to see where we are tilted and what can help to create a new balance. Participants will get homework and balance exercises and mantras.

Kriston Andrea:

Kerekasztal beszélgetés Soma Mamagésával és Kriston Andreával - A kibillent test üzenete – avagy hogyan állunk föl nehéz helyzetekből? Moderátor: Sütő Zsolt

Új Egyensúly Tent - 2019. 06. 20. Csütörtök 17:30-19:00

Mi a viszonyunk a testünkhöz, és hogyan változott ez a viszony az elmúlt években?
- Volt-e olyan, hogy mi magunk fordítottuk le, mit üzen a test egy-egy betegséggel, avagy egészségből való kibillentséggel?
- Mi mindenben segített a betegség/baleset? (Kriston Andi: „nekem az egész szakmám ebből épült fel.”)
- Mi segített a felállásban, gyógyulásban?
- Hogyan tudjuk ezt továbbadni másoknak? Milyen tapasztalataink vannak ezzel kapcsolatban?
- Mi minden segíthet abban, hogy talpra álljunk a nehéz helyzetekből?

Bence Gánti:

The Psycouch – Integrating the various roles of women in the 21st Century, the birth of the NEW WOMAN

Integral Academy's Central Tent - 2019. 06. 21. Péntek 11:30-12:30

Conversations with prominent psychologists and other professionals
Host psychologist: Bence Gánti

Soma Mamagésa:

Ecstatic Dance with Soma Mamagésa

Új Egyensúly Tent - 2019. 06. 21. Péntek 18:00-21:00

DJ Tertön and Soma have already brought Ecstatic Dance together. The music is being performed by DJ Tertön, the up and down guidance is Soma’s work now. The aim of the introduction is to create a safe space so that the attendees can even reach the uncontrolled state - if they need it. In this state, music, movement, and space trigger self-healing processes in the body. The finishing is a time of regeneration and integration. Such complete and inner states of peace can be experienced after such an ecstasy that we will desire again and again.

Soma Mamagésa:

A turning point in the relationship between man and woman

Új Egyensúly Tent - 2019. 06. 22. Szombat 13:00-14:00


Soma Mamagésa:

Is the responsibility of man and woman any different in relationship?

Dialog - 2019. 06. 22. Szombat 17:00-18:00

An open talk with Soma Mamagésa and Imre Bedő, moderated by Zsolt Kiss. For many years, Soma has been serving the liberation of women, their equality, their purification at various levels and for the natural birth of the NEW WOMAN. Imre Bedő is helping the men in this huge change, as they are looking for their identity at the end of the patriarchal period, re-identifying themselves and the fundamental values ​​and tasks of masculinity.


Zsolt Kiss moderates between the two "big-guns" with a deep understanding of their mission and commitment. He tries to find answers to questions from both sides on how the responsibility of man and woman in relationships has changed, now what is a man and what makes a woman, what has changed in the last very dense years, is there anything unchanged, or how can genders live now, at the beginning of the 21th century harmoniously when equality is the foundation.

Soma Mamagésa:

(New) Balance inside out

Nők Lapja Psziché Evernessia - 2019. 06. 23. Vasárnap 14:30-15:30

Uploading in progress.

Soma Mamagésa:

Soma Mamagesa’s workshop: Heart opening (touching, faceing,

Új Egyensúly Tent - 2019. 06. 23. Vasárnap 16:00-17:30

It has been a tradition for five years to create an "angelic corridor". In order for people to be able to do so, so that they do not regress, (who not loved enough, do not fall into the trap of self-pity), Soma will build the energy field. The goal is to open the heart space and develop into the love of yourself and the other.

Soma Mamagésa:

The closing ceremony of Soma Mamagesa’s

Új Egyensúly Tent - 2019. 06. 24. Hétfő 10:00-11:30

In the closing ceremony, we thank the creative power of the energi field, all that we have received from this festival, so that we can integrate it as much as possible, because gratitude appears when we are ready for processing and integration and integration.