Mitsch Kohn [GER]

musician, music composer

Mitsch Kohn is a german sound myst, composer, and music producer. His very unique piano-and voice-based soundhealing-journeys unfold into an organic of-the-moment musical expression and guide into states of deep connection and peace. Diving into a session with Mitsch can be realized as an opening into a higher consciousness dimension, opening spaces for a deep dive into the inner world.

Mitsch plays intuitive medicine music concerts solo or together with other musicians like Netanel Goldberg, Estas Tonne, Reka Fodor, Peia, Mirabai Ceiba, Sascha Alexander Vaymer and many others. He offers soundhealing retreats, inner-freedom-activation workshops and accompany other healers in different disciplines worldwide. As a composer he writes musicfor films, orchestra and his own unique music for piano and won several international music-composition prizes.