Melinda Egedi-Kovács

Founder of new alchemy method

I am the founder of New Alchemy School. For 10 years I lived and studied as an initiated priest (brahmin), member of a West Bengali Hindu ashram. I was teaching the Vedic tradition, was invited to TV shows and festivals, and had regular publications in journals and magazines. I also published nearly 200 books on spirituality. For the past 10 years, I have been researching and practicing the western alchemist tradition.    
I founded my own spiritual school in 2012 with the aim of integrating Vedic philosophy with the mysticism of Western Alchemy in a modern and practical way to establish a new spiritual path in its own right. My book An Introduction to Vedic Alchemy was published in 2016.  Courses are available at our school having taught thousands of people already how to free their own inner forces, discover their hidden gifts and follow the path of personal and spiritual transmutation.



Melinda Egedi-Kovács:

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