Dr. Béla Daubner

psychiatrist, psychotherapist

I am a senior physician, family doctor, psychiatrist and psychotherapist specialist. I'm a trainer, a supervisor: an integrative hypnotherapist, a psychodrama.
I am an international yoga teacher in the Himalayan tradition. I have a Ayurveda medical qualification.

My Qualifications: Behavior and Cognitive Therapy, Katathym Imaginative Therapy (CIP).


Dr. Béla Daubner:

Modified states of consciousness in East and West

Nők Lapja Psziché Evernessia - 2019. 06. 20. Csütörtök 14:30-15:30

Uploading in progress.

Bence Gánti:

The Psycouch - What is the connection among integral, integrative, yoga and psychotherapy?

Integral Academy's Central Tent - 2019. 06. 20. Csütörtök 16:00-17:00

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